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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pattern Pop Pocket T-Shirts - Pinterest Challenge Saturday

Another Saturday and another pinterest idea completed. I've been eyeing these shirts on pinterest for forever and seriously they've been talking to me "come on make me, you know you'll wear me all the time..." True story. 
And guess what, I've now made two and I've already worn them multiple times in sequential days (if they don't smell...) and they've each been through one wash. And I've just made made them last week. I say that is love at first make (that totally makes sense right?). 
yes, they are wonderful. My husband thinks I'm crazy and is convinced that all my shirts will soon bear these random looking pockets. He might be right. Maybe I should start a t-shirt pocket club. 
 Here's the Low down
Pattern Pop Pocket T- Shirts DIY
//1// grab an old or new t-shirt. Next dig through your fabric scraps to find one about  4x6 inches.
//2// If you happen to already have a shirt with a pocket, use that as a guide for cutting your pocket. Remember to add 1/4 inch for seam allowance. If you don't have a pocket, draw one out on a paper to the size you want. Or you can use my dimensions: 4x6. 
//3//Fold the top down an inch and turn the sides and bottom in a 1/4 inch then press with iron. Before attaching to shirt, sew the top with a double stitch or zig zag (see picture below). Now attach to the shirt by sewing the pocket from one side and around to the other side.  
So join my pocket club and send me pictures sisterswhat at gmail dot com
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Favorite Play Dough Recipe

Do you have a love/hate relationship with play dough? do you love that your kids love it but hate that it is so messy? Well this play dough recipe is for you.  After multiple of attempts of making homemade play dough, I have finally found a favorite recipe. The usual standard homemade recipe was fine, but this current one is great.
It was an accident that we even tried another new recipe. I had no cream of tartar and Captain Awesome had been asking me over and over again to make play dough. Finally one day I googled and found a recipe that had no cream of tarter and used oil. I gave it a try and was very happy with the results. And so was Captain Awesome. See that happy face (having grandma to play with also probably made him happy).
He played with it for at least an hour and the best part, there were no little pieces on the floor or the table after he was done. 
the pros:
- no little dry pieces everywhere
- it didn't leave our hands feeling dry afterwards (even though there is still a little salt in the recipe)
- it didn't start drying after being out for an hour or so
- a month and a half later it was still really, really moist and in the same condition when we first made it. 

- it doesn't mold nearly as well as regular play dough, but seriously my son isn't trying to sculpt the David here. 
Oil Play Dough Recipe:
(I tried to find the website I got if from, but I couldn't)

1 cup flour
1/4 cup salt (half the salt from regular recipes)
3 tsp vinegar
2 tbsp oil
1/2 cup water
food coloring

//1// mix all the dry ingrediants in a saucepan on low heat
//2// stir in the water, vinegar and then oil
//3// keep mixing until it forms into a ball
//4// remove from heat and let cool. Then divide into sections and add food coloring as desired. 
After use, we stored it in the fridge. But I'm sure you could just leave it out. 
go on give it a try. It's quick and easy. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Quilting - Pinterest Saturday

Anjuli asked me to post this quilt for her for our Pinterest Challenge. *the quilt doesn't have a name yet, anyone awesome suggestions? She just started a new job and has been keeping busy, but with anything in life, everyone needs something to bring them some sanity and relaxation. For Anjuli that has been quilting. She found the pattern at Quilting in the Rain while looking for a pattern that used charm packs. 
 The charm pack is from Moda Fabrics call Simply Color. She started at the end of February, but she also started another quilt top around the same time, so it took her about a month to finish it. (Her and Joy are pretty amazing with their quilt making)
  Not only that, but she also quilted it herself. I just love the simplicity of the diamond/square quilting pattern; it goes great with the fabric. One of these days, she's going to help me make another quilt.


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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Laptop Bag

Occasionally I'll go through my pictures and find something that I made a bit ago. This bag is one of those. I actually made two, one for my sister and one for my mom for Christmas. 
I found the tutorial on the Purl Bee Blog and realized it was perfect for my mom and sister who both happen to get Macbook Pros around the same time. Both of them used their laptops all the time and were constantly taking them everywhere with them. 
It was very easy to make. I did have to read through the directions multiple times, but I finally figured it out.  I did change the top of the bag a little. Instead of folding it down like she did, I just left it up and add the bias tape. You can find the tutorial HERE.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pinterest Challenge Saturday: Dressing up the lady in the kitchen

                                    MINE                                      HERS

This is probably one of the first things I ever pinned on Pinterest. Of course it has absolutely no purpose other then being totally cute so I put it on the bottom of my To Do Craft List. When my sister told me about this challenge though this was the first thing that came to mind. What I loved even more was that I didn't have to buy anything. I had all the supplies in my sewing supplies. First I went onto Camille Roskelley's blog Simplify and printed out the template. BTW, Camille's blog is one of my favorites. She designs fabric with her mom and makes the most beautiful quilts. I spend way too much money on her fabric...can't help it though, it's so pretty. 

After I printed the template I got to work. Now I took pictures of most of the steps...then for some reason toward the end I stopped. If you go over to Camille's blog though she has much better pictures. Her instructions are simple and strait forward. 

This is where I stopped taking pictures...sorry. 

When I showed the finished apron to my husband he replied, "Um, that isn't going to fit you." When I told him what it was for he asked what the point was. "It's just for fun." So that is what this challenge is's just for fun and doesn't my soap lady look so much more dressed up?


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Brilliant Earth Jewelry Challenge

Dress - Boden Shoes - Swell Necklace - John Lewis Ring - Rose God Felicity Diamond

Brilliant Earth  challenged us to create a style board that fit one of their rings. Now my first thought was "so pick a wedding dress". Obviously I'm not married yet..but then I realized you wear your wedding ring every single day. I know I'm a quick one :). So I came up with this cute outfit and some jewelry that could bring it all together. 

Can you tell my mind is on Summer? Is it here yet? Anyway go check out Brilliant Earth, they have some gorgeous rings and a huge variety. I'm a fan. 


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sweeper Baby Onesie

In the interest of starting my little ones in helping around the house, I think I might make one of these for my baby. Never to young to mop the floors...
Image via HeRE

Monday, March 31, 2014

Harry Potter Gryffindor Blanket

One of my nephews turned 8 this past January which is a special birthday in our church because 8 is the age they get baptized. Now that we live so close to them, we were so blessed to be able to attend his baptism and celebrate with him. I wanted to give him something special, but alas I'm clueless to the desires of an 8 year old boy. However, this nephew recently discovered Harry Potter and has probably read the first few books a bajillion times. So I thought, what goes best with an avid book reader and a Harry Potter fan? a blanket of course (my husband tends to disagree - he clearly has never snuggled under a blanket while reading)
I am by no means a quilter. Far from it. But this idea just came to me and seemed simple enough. I made it lap sized, but still big enough to stay warm while reading.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Trix Rice Krispies [Pinterest Challenge]

image via HERE
It's Pinterest Challenge Saturday. This week we made a twist on the ever favorite rice krispie treats - Trix Krispies. I seriously had no idea how many amazing twist there are on the rice krispie treat. The blog Mallow and Co has a plethora of variations, seriously check her blog out. 
We however did the variation with Trix following this recipe here from the blog Craving of a Lunatic. Delicious and gone in seconds. Definitely a favorite.
Happy Pinteresting!!
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Polka Dot Tights [Pinterest Challenge Saturday]

I don't really consider myself a stylish person. I might have a cute shirt or sweatshirt or dress, but it takes a considerable amount of effort to really pull off a great outfit that is comfy and cute. But, that rarely  happen, because comfy usually wins. 

Anyway, along with my love of scarfs, I also love tights. I probably have as many tights as I do scarfs. Seriously. They're great because they're usually inexpensive and take up little space. Plus they can add a pop of color to any outfit; basically it works as great as a scarf. But the best part is....I don't have to shave!!  yep, I hate it and I'm very proud of my hairy legs during winter time. 
image via here and pin via here